Asbestos Cancer Prevention – Handling Asbestos

Asbestos was found in a variety of materials that have been known to cause asbestos cancer. It’s a fibrous material that is well known because of its fire resistant properties as well as high tensile strength. Asbestos in the material ages and has a tendency to break into microscopic fibers, they also have a tendency to float on the air and can be inhaled, settle on the skin, or swallowed.

Asbestos is commonly found in insulation for a variety of boilers and steam pipes, also in automotive products such as clutch and brake linings, many different types of door gaskets, insulation for buildings, homes and even ships and is also found in a variety of cement, paints, caulkings, and putties. Most of this product has been banned due to its ability to cause cancer. Many of the buildings and homes that were built during the 1950s through the 70s may have asbestos materials still installed and will need special care to have the asbestos removed or contained in a proper manner.

If you’ve purchased, own or are considering purchasing a home built during that time, you’ll want to have it examined for asbestos as this is an extremely dangerous material that is now disposed of very carefully. According to where the asbestos is located within the home it may be more dangerous to try to dispose of it or remove it then it will be to leave it there and seal it up in a containment management plan in place.

The whole point of asbestos prevention and protection is to limit its the risk of it being disturbed sell the asbestos doesn’t break down into microscopic fibers. Disturbing the material is usually the cause of sending the asbestos fibers into the air to be breathed in, consumed, or have settled on the skin. There are now several rules and regulations as far as either disturbing asbestos, disposing of it, and a management plan needs to be effective if not removing it completely all overseen by an authorized body.

Before hiring anyone to remove asbestos you must legally alert them that they will be handling asbestos, know that they are registered with the proper authorities, and know that they will contain the asbestos and dispose of it properly. It can be very expensive to hire a company to remove asbestos, but legally, you cannot remove it yourself. This means you’re going to have to search out all of the legalities concerning the asbestos in your home or workplace, and then follow the guidelines to prevent asbestos cancer in those handling the materials.

Asbestos cancer is a dangerous and deadly disease, researchers have yet to find a cure for mesothelioma, which is the result of asbestos cancer. In order to prolong the life of those who are handling asbestos the legal authority is now overseeing the containment, removal and disposal of asbestos.

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