Fun facts about asbestos

Asbestos is a very interesting mineral. It is a naturally occurring silicate mineral, that if its fibers are inhaled through ingestion or inhalation. There are 6 types of asbestos, they are all unique in their shape, color and form. Asbestos was mined and put into products for many centuries because it inflammable, so it seemed like a very useful tool. Here is a list of other facts about, asbestos. 

  • (as I mentioned) there are 6 different types of asbestos. There are 2 different groups of asbestos and these are called serpentine and amphibole minerals. Under the serpentine category are; chrysotile, amphibole and amosite. The amphibole minerals are Tremolite, actinolite and anthophyllite. 
  • Asbestos has a history. The word “asbestos” comes from the greek word and the translation is ‘inextinguishable’. Asbestos was first used in the 1800’s. It became very popular in the UK  industrial. Because of its flexibility strength and fire resistant qualities. something else that makes it very unique from other minerals is that it can be woven. It became known in many cultures as the magic mineral. when the dust fibers from asbestos are released into the air and are inhaled or ingested by the people nearby it is very dangerous. The fibers can become Lodged in someone’s lungs for decades. This later turns into a very serious health issue like lung cancer, mesothelioma ( a respiratory cancer), or asbestosis. In the 1990s, it was publicly known and many countries the dangers of asbestos. so, in many countries across the world it was banned. Still, even recently asbestosis being used in some countries, and it is in many products that were made in a time when it wasn’t known how hazardous is asbestos was. so every year there are still many deaths related to asbestos. 
  • Asbestos was used to make artificial snow. At one point asbestos was used to make artificial snow. The type of asbestos used for this was Chrysolite (white asbestos) because it looked so much like it. That asbestos was used to make artificial snow is actually kind of an understatement. There often weren’t any changes made. They just used straight up asbestos, and it looked like snow. In Fact, in the movie (the) “Wizard of Oz” asbestos was used as snow in the poppy field scene. If this asbestos was being sold it was commonly labeled as ‘Snow Drift’ or ‘White Snow Magic’. 
  • The first case of asbestos-related illness. The first case recorded of asbestos-related illness was a woman from Rochdale. In 1924 Nellie Kershaw died from asbestosis. At the time asbestosis was not a recognized disease so her employers claimed that it was not asbestos that had killed her. Because of the results of the inquest into her death, there was an enquiry by the government and a subsequent formal acknowledgment of asbestos being hazardous to health. Later, in 1931, the Asbestos Industry Regulations were published. Nellie worked in an asbestos factory in the town from leaving school, at age 12. She worked there for another 19 years before she ended up having to leave because she had gotten so sick. She died at age 31 and left behind a husband and son. 

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